The scintillation of the stars and the vibrancy of Venus.
The quiet of the cosmos and the gift of gods.
The sassiness of sunflowers and the nourishment of nectar.
The beauty of bees and the wholesomeness of honey.
How jovial joy is. How buoyant its bounty.

As thrilling as thunder. As refreshing as rain.
As wild as waves. As soft as sand.
As striking as smiles. As luscious as lips.
As delicious as dimples. As inviting as irises.
How jubilant joy is. How intriguing its intensity.

Encompassing ecstasy. Exuding enthusiasm.
Enlivening earthlings. Elevating energy.
Titillatingly tranquil. Truly transparent.
Tremendously tolerant. Touchingly tender.
How justified joy is. How necessary its nurture.