Slippers, with Ruta Dzikaraite

I first met Ruta in the garden of MedOrganic, the beautiful welcoming space she runs with her partner. I have since returned many times, for Reiki sessions, a drumming meditation, Green Monday feasts and the company of friends.

Reem to Ruta:

Warm and wonderful
Cosy and comfortable
Hand made and made with care
These are the slippers that I wear

Made by a friend
Whose heart is open but shy
Whose words are softly spoken
Whose energy fills up the sky

Thank you for sharing
your words and your stitches
For creating with kindness
For teaching me mindfulness

For sharing your garden
For the drums and their beat
For warming my heart
and warming my feet

Ruta to Reem:


Memories of slaughter
Are in our cells.
Leave the mind monster unattended
And the whole chain gets reactivated,
Screaming for blood.
You are the knot
In that chain.
You stop the fire with your icy glare.
You were there
Within the falling walls
Breastfeeding the hungry in the shade
Of blooming spiky vines.
Despite it all still growing and seeking
With roots connected to divine.

Reem’s poem “Slippers” speaks to me about the thing I value the most – friendship and friendly relationships. There are so many ways to express friendliness – a plate of food, a cup of tea, a story told, a painting ,a poem. I am very grateful to be seen this way by another human being and in return I offer my expression of friendliness. My poem is an attempt to capture Reem’s unique picture. This is how I felt her energy expressed in words.

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