Naiman, you tell me. Naiman. A beautiful Arabic word said to one after they’ve taken a shower. It comes from the word for paradise and bliss.

Did I think of you as I lathered myself? You ask me.

Yes, I did. It was blissful and we were in paradise. The sun was shining, the birds chirping and a song by The Carpenters was playing in my mind.

Did I touch myself as I thought of you and the water streamed down my naked body? You ask me.

I love my body. I love you touching my body. I love hearing you talk about you touching my body.

I also love my mind. I’d love for you to explore my mind. I’d love for you to jump into the deep oceans of my thoughts, swim blissfully through paradise and come out willingly wet. Naiman, I’ll tell you. Naiman.