I am freedom.
I go where I choose.
I rise and I fall.
I play and I work.
I am round and I am tall.
I am loving and I am loved.
I have much to give, to share, to teach, to learn.
No wave can keep me under;
No ray can scorch my joy.
The stars, the sea, the sun, they all sing to me;
And I to them.
Hear me.
Hear my silence,
How loud it echos in your ears.
Feel my love,
How deep it travels into your heart,
If your heart is open.
If your doors are closed, I will not knock.
I will not disturb you.
But I will always be here.
Look out your barred windows and you will see me dancing, singing, smiling, flying.
Life breathes through me, in all shapes and colours.
I breathe through life, vibrant and colourful.
I give my gratitude to every drop of the oceans and every flame of the sun;
And they in turn share with me their energy.
In movement, through love, I spread it far and wide.
Those with open hearts receive it, not knowing where it came from.
They wonder not.
They dance in it, through it, and in turn spread it far and wide.
Such is the power of freedom, of love.

. . .

I wrote this poem during a workshop on Intuitive Art run by the amazing Manuella Mavromichalis. She instructed us to wear blindfolds and make a sculpture out of clay. This is the result. My hands felt free, wild, as though at once in the sea and the sky. When we were done, she asked us to introduce the piece in the first person. From this exercise, a poem was born that expresses how I was feeling at the time, how I still feel today. Joyful.