Creative Conversations: An Introduction

A series of artistic exchanges between me and the narrative and visual artists I am blessed to know, this collection was conceived during the isolation of 2020.

I am a narrative artist and over the past year I have been writing poetry, a novel, a play and a screenplay. Though I also make my living through words (as a media consultant), the words I produce as an artist are very different. They nurture and reflect my spirit. Through the process of writing and reciting poetry, I found myself in conversation with others who feed my soul and imagination. That realisation motivated me to instigate this series of creative conversations.

I asked writers and photographers and painters and sculptors and poets to participate, and so while each exchange begins with a poem or short prose I wrote while thinking of its recipient, the responses take different forms.

I will post new exchanges frequently. If you’d like to engage in an exchange with me, send me an email to reem @