My first exhibition

The day has finally arrived… I will tonight exhibit my artwork for the first time and I intend to sit in the discomfort and pride and fear and joy of it all.

The journey to this point means far more to me than can be projected in a few frames on a wall. I sobbed last night and my darling daughter knew exactly how to hold me and what to say… because in that moment, I was a scared teenager and she was my bestie.

Among my pieces on display at the 3 Angels Modern Art gallery in Larnaca over the next two weeks is one that reflects my daughter’s delicate fragile beautiful blossoming soul. Her name – Maya – occupies the centre in a bold modern Arabic calligraphy. It is surrounded by the pretty petals of the bougainvillea bush, colloquially known as ‘crazy’ in Arabic. They reflect our Syrian roots and our wild branches.