Finding Euphoria

Euphoria Art Land in the province of Limassol is a very aptly named place. It is made up of a large outdoor space teeming with cacti and sculptures, trees and statues, cats and birds; and three side by side guest houses, each designed in a unique style reflecting a blend of ethnic elements. The mosaics are inspirational and took a team of volunteers months to place, under the guidance of Anthos Myrianthos, the visionary architect behind the project. He lives next door in a house surrounded by a lake with swans, a pen with peacocks, and other natural delights.

I went in November, when the weather was cool but not too cold to prevent me spending much of the evening sitting on a carved wooden bench in a decked area of the garden that is surrounded by a mini moat of water and a few playful cats. One night wasn’t long enough to enjoy everything this space has to offer and I expect it will be one of the first places I head to once this lock down is over. This time I’ll take my watercolours with me.

Scroll through the images below to see some of the mosaic spaces I photographed at Euphoria.