Release Your Inner Unicorn

This, my second installation, is quite experimental. I wanted something interactive, because I so much enjoyed watching the public engage in dialogue over the flamingo installation the previous week, I wanted something that would give them to chance to actively engage and leave their mark.

Having well and truly acknowledged and released my inner unicorn over the past year, I chose that as the theme – encouraged by the fact that I found a super cute and large unicorn at Jumbo! An invitation to “Release Your Inner Unicorn” was accompanied by an invitation to members of the public to write something about the desires and dreams of their unicorn.

Setting up the installation was more challenging than expected because that evening there were super strong winds, but my darling Maya* was on hand to help. Unfortunately the municipality took apart the installation early the following morning because they needed the platform on which I set it up. But a dozen or so people did manage to leave comments, I was particularly pleased that half of them were in Arabic. It was Eid (post-Ramadan celebration) so playing on the literal translation for the traditional Eid greeting “Blessed celebration. Every year may you be well”, I included a board that read “Celebrate yourself. Every year may you be a unicorn”.

Installation date: 24 May 2020

*Maya is my inspired and inspiring daughter. Her name appears frequently in these pages, as she is not only my greatest love, but also my muse and my teacher.

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