Provoking Conversation

#LarnacaLive is an ongoing installation art project I initiated in May 2019 with my creative teenaged daughter Maya. In our view, installation art is more about concept and less about active production. It’s also about context… the who, what, when, where and why. Who are you trying to engage? What are you trying to say? When and where is the best place to do so? Why bother?

Well, that last one is simple and the same for all the pieces we conceptualise and create together: to provoke conversation. We don’t like one-way communication but rather enjoy discussions. We don’t have the answer to all the problems we can identify, nor are we entitled to suggest the best solution for any of them. We do however believe that any solution worth trying must be born of conversation. So, let’s talk about……

Each installation will pose a different question or idea, some timely, some timeless. We presented the first one along the corniche in Larnaca the week isolation measures were eased and have since erected a number of pieces at various sites in Larnaca.

We don’t deface or damage public or private property, but as with most installations in public spaces, one can never know how long they remain in tact. We’ll be sure however to take photographs and post them here so that those unfortunate enough not to live in Larnaca can engage in the conversation as well.

Family Deisolation

(aka The Flamingos)